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Here you can learn some fascinating facts about characters from the stories.

1. Jellyfish eat peanut butter

In Dallas, Texas two scientists (Montoya and Christie) fed a saltwater-peanut butter mix to moon jellies just out of curiosity. Surprisingly, the jellies found the mixture tasty! Apparently, peanut butter is an acceptable source of protein for jellies which could be a good alternative for the unsustainable "marine animal protein".

2. Some Jellyfish can glow in the dark

Due to bioluminescence. This can help them in many ways, like attracting prey or distracting predators.

3. Some Jellyfish can clone themselves

If a certain Jellyfish is cut into two pieces, they will initiate a regenerative mechanism that will enable them to grow a whole animal from each piece. 

4. Some jellyfish are "immortal"

In the life of a jellyfish, typically, there is a stationary polyp phase and then a swimming medusa phase. However, Turritopsis nutricula has the ability to go back to the polyp phase when stressed.

5. Jellyfish contribute to technology development

Researches studied the movement of bell-shaped jellyfish and gained a new understanding of propulsion. They developed biomimetic robots with flexible bells, which may lead to better undersea vehicles based. Also, at a New York University, they inspired the development of a flying machine.


1. Seals can sing

St. Andrew University Team discovered a stunning ability of Grey seals imitating human sounds by singing Twinkle twinkle little star: 


2. Seals' teeth are like tree trunks

Like trees, seals have annual growth rings on their teeth.

3. Seals are good divers

Sea elephants can dive to 1.500m holding their breath for almost two hours.

4. Seals can sleep on water

Sela can easily sleep on the water while floating. If they sink, their nostrils close automatically.

5. Seals recognize each other after years

A study in Alaska proved that a mother-seal can recognize her pup with a distinct call even after 4 years.